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Today's appliance market offers a vast array of brands and models, making it overwhelming to choose the right appliance for your needs. It can be challenging to find a salesperson who can provide helpful insights to make an informed decision. However, Sargent's Maytag is committed to making this process easier for you. We offer a limited selection of brands and models, ensuring that our team is well-informed and knowledgeable about the products we sell.

Maytag is our top-rated brand, and we have been selling their appliances since 1974. Their models are built tough, come with a great warranty, and are simple to use, making them a breeze to sell. Maytag offers a variety of models in all categories, and we can show you top-quality appliances at a reasonable price.

One of Maytag's cornerstones of appliance quality is their refrigerators. They have been manufactured in the United States for many years and recently began production in Amana, Iowa. Maytag refrigerators have a heritage-based design that ensures excellent quality and durability.

Maytag's dishwashers are also among the best on the market. They boast a robust wash system, including the industry's most potent motor, and a chopper blade that efficiently grinds up food debris, leaving your dishes sparkling clean without any pre-washing.