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    Shop with your local professionals for home appliances. Sargent's is the appliance warehouse that your grandparents and parents have been shopping with since 1974. Our stocked appliance warehouse is filled with top quality appliances ready for install or haul. We sell only the best designs from trusted manufacturers. All of our appliances are carefully evaluated before selection to assure the highest quality. When you buy something from us, you can trust that it's a product that we would sell to our family or something we would put in our personal homes because that is what we have done already. Our inventory may be smaller than other "larger" retailers and that is just fine because we only sell the best appliances and in today's market, quality appliances that make the grade are becoming scarce. You can shop with confidence at Sargent's Maytag because we care about our customers and in return they have stood behind us since we started doing this since 1974. 

    10 year major component warranty on all new maytag's.

    Maytag Appliances.

    Maytag has been making appliances for over 100 years. They are considered one of the most durable brands on the market. They do this by staying simple and not going overboard with new features or technologies. Maytag keeps their product line small, which means many of their products share similar parts with one another. 
    Maytag offers a 10 year warranty on major components across their entire product line. On certain products, like the commercial units, come with a full 5 year warranty, which is great because it's coming from the manufacturer and not an 3rd party extended warranty company. 
    If you want a top quality product that won't break the bank, check out Sargent's selection on Maytag appliances.



    Whirlpool Appliances.

    Whirlpool has been manufacturing appliances almost as long as anyone else. They have also been the innovation leader when it comes tp new, exciting and functional new features. In their brand portfolio, some of the best features have been created; like the icemaker, front load washer, microwave and much more. Whirlpool also keeps most of their manufacturing right here in the United States. They have plants in Ohio, Iowa, Oklahoma and several other states.


    home appliance store reno

    At Sargent’s Maytag, we spend hours evaluating appliances so we can give you a thorough presentation so you can make an educated decision when you buy something from us. Through our time spent repairing and evaluating appliances, we find designs and brands that do not meet our “quality” expectations, so we do not sell these appliances. Sometimes, there are some really nice appliances that we would love to sell, but the amount of service calls that we’ve had on that particular design warrants us to stop selling those models. In today’s sales environment, our way of thinking is hard to find. We have friends that are in the same sales circle that we are, that believe selling bad quality appliances isn’t always a bad thing, because they can reap the benefits through their service company when something breaks. We’re not a fan of taking advantage of our customers because we’re consumers too, and we know what it’s like to be taken advantage of or sold an item that doesn’t live up to our expectations.

    Unfortunately, some of the large retailer’s goal is to sell the cheapest appliances possible. Some people are looking for cheap appliances, but the majority of people aren’t looking to replace their washer every few years. When the large retailers stock these poor designs and brands, unsuspecting customers purchase these appliances because they’re “pretty”, or have nice features like a coffee maker in your refrigerator, or a WiFi enabled dishwasher, but the appliance don’t do its main function, like cooling your food, or washing your dishes. Instead, they’re sold because the manufacturer offers kickbacks, or they are the cheapest available.

    Sargent’s doesn’t sell appliances based off of any criteria other than the quality of its intended function. We sell refrigerators based off of how much ice they produce, its longevity and how well it keeps your food. We sell washing machines based off of how well it washes your clothes and how long it lasts. We sell dishwashers based off of how well it washes and dries your dishes and if it can last longer than 10 years. All of our appliance choices are intended to keep the customer up and running the longest time possible, and with the least amount of issues.

    If you want to be told the honest truth, even if it hurts a little, Sargent’s Maytag is the store you’re looking for.