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     Whirlpool has been manufacturing washers and dryers almost longer than any other company that is still around today. Whirlpool is one of the leaders in innovation in the laundry market. However, sometimes innovation isn't exactly what you are looking for. In the Whirlpool laundry line, they like to be the most energy efficient or HE, which is great if you are looking to be conservative on water or energy. If you want the cleanest clothes possible, Whirlpool has a few models. The models that Sargent's prefers, are listed below.

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Shop our limited, but powerful lineup of Whirlpool washers and dryers.

Shop Whirlpool Top Load Laundry

Shop Whirlpool Front Load Laundry

Shop Whirlpool Top Load Washer
WTW4855HW 3.8 Cu Ft. Washer w/ agitator and deep fill option
WED4850HW 7.0 Cu Ft. Dyer w/ top lint filter


WTW4855HW 3.8 Cu Ft Agitator Washer


WED4850HW 7.0 Cu Ft Dryer


Shop Whirlpool Load Load Washers and Dryers
WFW5620HW 4.5 Cu Ft. Front load washer w/ optimum dose dispenser
WED5620HW 7.4 Cu Ft. Dyer w/ internal filter


WFW5620HW 4.5 Cu Ft Front Load Washer


WED5620HW 7.4 Cu Ft Dryer