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     Maytag microwaves aren't too fancy in their operation, but have excellent quality with their basic designs. Maytag only makes over the range microwaves that have a vent that can recirculate, vent back or vertically. Our microwaves are pretty similar in how their manufactured, but have varying features.

     All of our Maytag Microwaves have a 10 year warranty on the magnetron.

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MMV1174FZ 1.7 Cu Ft Microwave w/ vent
MMV4206FZ 2 Cu Ft Microwave w/ vent, stainless interior
MMV6190FZ 1.9 Cu Ft. convection microwave w/ vent and stainless interior



MMV1174FZ  1.7 Cu Ft. Microwave w/ Vent



MMV4206FZ  2 Cu Ft. Microwave w/ Vent and Stainless Interior



MMV6190FZ  1.9 Cu Ft. Convection Microwave w/ Vent and Stainless Interior